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45 Minute Lesson$50

 30 Minute Lesson: $40

 just beginning? just brushing up? 

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Professional Guitar and Music Services

Whether you are learning how to hold the guitar properly for the first time or fine tuning the chops that you've acquired over the years, MY goal is to assist you in achieving YOUR musical goals in the most efficient and enjoyable manner possible.

Beginning students will start with learning how to tune the instrument and how to hold the instrument in a comfortable playing position that will give you a solid foundation to begin y0ur musical journey with the guitar. 

From there we will start learning basic chords and strumming technique so you can start playing along to your favorite songs as quickly as possible!


Medium to advanced level student lessons encompass the following:

Song Study (Learning the guitar parts to your favorite songs)

Advanced Guitar Techniques (picking and scale pattern exercises)  

Guitar Styles (riffs and licks that define different styles of guitar playing)

Solo Improvisation (soloing technique and scale/note options)

Music Theory (learning the notes on the neck and how scales and chords relate to each other)

Ear Training (pitch interval recognition tools for easier song learning)